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Brit Stops 2013: Discover 231 Free UK Motorhome Stopovers

Brit StopsIt’s March, which means that Brit Stops 2013 is now available — providing you with a year’s access to 231  free motorhome stopover locations for a one-time fee of just £25.

Since I reviewed the 2012 edition, 90 new host sites have been added and this year’s guide will be valid until 28th February 2014 — so the sooner you buy it, the more value you will get from it.

What are Brit Stops?

Keith certainly has a lovely view from this Brit Stop farm shop and breweryBrit Stops is a motorhome stopover scheme for the UK. Hosts — such as pub landlords and farmers — join the scheme and undertake to provide free parking for up to five motorhomes on their property.

The hosts don’t have to provide any facilities and cannot charge a fee, but motorhomers are encouraged to learn about hosts’ produce and perhaps make a purchase — although there’s no obligation.

In reality, this works out pretty well; you find a pleasant pub or cafe in a rural location, enjoy a few drinks, a meal, or some fresh local produce and spend a peaceful, relaxing night.

Where can i find Brit Stops?

Brit Stops are located all over the UK — there’s even one in the Outer Hebrides!

Coverage varies and some areas have more than others, but there are a good mixture of locations and you will often find Brit Stops that are ideally positioned for mid-journey overnight stops, as well as destinations in their own right.

How do Brit Stops work for motorhomers?

To stay at Brit Stops you have to join the Brit Stops scheme and pay an annual fee, currently £25. In return, you get an all-important windscreen sticker (which must be displayed to show that you are a member) along with a copy of the Brit Stops 2013 guide, which includes full details of all Brit Stops.

Each host’s details include details of the facilities on offer, using a standard graphical key, plus their full address, post code and driving directions in English, French and German. It’s pretty fool proof and sites with restricted access for larger motorhomes are also indicated.

As I mentioned, most sites don’t have services, although several do, so courtesy and respect for your hosts’ property is expected, and stays are limited to 24 hours.

Anyone with a self-sufficient motorhome should be able to manage at least one night without any services (or a generator), so this shouldn’t be a problem — but it does mean that campervans without a toilet are effectively ruled out.

Finally, if you fancy Brit Stops with continental weather, then remember that Brit Stops was inspired by its older European counterparts, France Passion, Fattore Amico, España Discovery and Swiss Terroir! All of these offer similar facilities to Brit Stops in their respective countries, and have an equivalent annual membership scheme.

Our Verdict: Brit Stops is a great scheme that deserves to do well and is excellent value for money. If you enjoy travelling around the UK by motorhome and would like to expand your choice of overnight stays (and enjoy some fantastic food and drink), then it’s strongly recommended!

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