Motorhome Storage Guide

What Is Motorhome Storage?

Motorhome (and caravan) storage is a service that allows you to park your motorhome in a dedicated storage facility when it’s not in use – often for weeks or even months at a time.

Storage facilities range from highly-secure, dedicated compounds with 24-hour security to farmers’ yards. The best facilities offer benefits such as:

  • CCTV, high fences and alarms
  • 24-hour security
  • Secure, gated access to which owners have individual keys
  • Washing and toilet/waste water dump facilities for motorhomes and caravans
  • Level, hard-standing parking
  • Good access from major road routes!

Why Use Motorhome Storage?

Motorhomes (and caravans) are big, awkward things to store when they aren’t in use. Even if you have a driveway, it may not be big enough – and many people simply don’t have any parking at home at all. There are other reasons, too:

  • Newer housing developments often have covenants which prohibit the parking of motorhomes or caravans on properties
  • Security – if you keep your caravan or motorhome at home, then potential thieves know that when it isn’t there, neither are you…
  • More security – good storage facilities are secure – much more so than the average driveway

Finding A Good Motorhome Storage Site

Most of the best, purpose-built storage facilities are CaSSOA registered – CaSSOA is the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association. CaSSOA sites are badged Bronze, Silver or Gold, according to the level of security they offer.

The CaSSOA website has a searchable directory of all CaSSOA storage sites and is a good starting point if you are looking for a reliable, audited motorhome storage site.

Storage for motorhomes, caravans, horse trailers and boats is also something that’s often offered more informally by farmers and other people who have large areas of flat land or barns that are unused – providing ideal parking for motorhomes and caravans.

Wherever you store your motorhome, make sure that your insurance company knows where it is and agrees to it. As with any car insurance, you have to state (truthfully) where the motorhome will normally be kept overnight. Failure to do this could result in your claim being refused if your motorhome is stolen or damaged while in storage.

How Much Does Motorhome Storage Cost?

The cost of motorhome storage varies, but from reading around various motorhome forums and seeing what people are paying, the cost seems to be from around £1 – £1.50 per day in most of the UK – more around London and south-east England.

Expect to pay more for higher levels of security and, especially, for undercover (indoor) storage. Similarly, larger storage bays (over 7m or so), can cost more.

Most storage companies charge by the year, although 3/6 month agreements may be possible.

45 thoughts on “Motorhome Storage Guide

  • James mcdonagh

    Hi My name is James I am looking for storage for motorhome. Please call me or email me. My phone number is 07402446912.

  • Tom Glenn

    Hi. I am wanting to store a camper van. I am looking for somewhere in the greater south Westablished london area.

    • David Colbran

      I am looking for motor home storage around the Luton area any suggestions?

  • Cathy Ierna

    Hi my name is cathy, my husband and I are wanting to buy a small flat roof caravan but do not have a place to keep it when not in use need a storage place and how match would it cost per year. Thank you in Melbourne Australia area

    • Hi Cathy, This isn’t something we can help with (we’re a UK-based motorhome travel website) but perhaps another reader can help. I’d suggest Googling ‘caravan storage melbourne’ for more ideas.

      Regards, Roland

      • Jason John

        Hi, I am buying a motorhome on Saturday and am looking for somewhere to store it, I live in Swindon, Wiltshire.

  • Lucy walker

    my name is lucy and I am looking to store our motorhome in the Stansted Essex or bishops stortford ? Please could you email me details if you have any. Thank you

  • Hi how much would it cost to store my campervan in or near Clacton on sea

  • David

    Hi, we live in Archway, North London, and we have a motorhome that is non London low emission zone comliant due to its age and is currently stored in Essex, we would like to have it closer to us so we are looking for storage in the north london area but would need to be outside the LEZ. Thanks David.

    • John Parish

      Hi I’m John living in the Philippines and looking to store a camper van in Essex, Can you help? I’m new at all this. How much should I be expecting to pay?


    • Florentin

      I leave in.milton keynes ,i have a static caravan,but i dont have place to put ,you can help my?

    • Margo Wickens

      Dear David,
      Just wondering if you found anything . We’re in Muswell Hill and thinking of buying a Motor Home. Checking out the parking is a big factor for us.

  • Mal jones

    We are looking for some were in the West Midlands area to store our pougot moter home two berth for aprox 3weeks
    Thanks Mal

    • Anthony Parker

      Hi Mal – did you find anywhere worth recommending in the Midlands? I’m looking foemr somewhere to store my Bailey 6 berth?
      Regards, Anthony

  • Gill Gentles

    Hi I am Gill.

    we are looking for secure storage for our motorhome in the northamptonshire area in particularly Brackley. Any suggestions.

    • Did you find anywhere Gill? I too am looking in the Northants area, but just for a month.

  • Barbara Smith

    Looking in Yorkshire Nottinghamshire areas for indoor long term storage for our beloved campervan which is currently in a garden in Yorkshire. Would consider anywhere in reason as we live in LOndon, Thanks

  • denise firmin

    Hi, I’m looking for secure parking for our campervan – it’s 7 metres long.. I live in the DA16 area. Does anyone know of anywhere reasonably close. Willing to pay up to £500 per year.

  • My husband and I are looking to buy a motorhome to travel for 3 to 4 months around UK and Europe, then store it somewhere and use it again each year for holidays. How hard is it for us to purchase one, get insurance and then store it somewhere? Is there an option to rent it out to other traveller’s, or even sell it at the end of our trip? Just wondering what options we have. We are from Australia but my husband does have a British passport if that makes any difference.

    • We are doing this. Not easy, you need a UK address, a UK licence probably (they wanted mine) and go to brokers not direct sellers of insurance. We had to pay high insurance for our motorhome because we did not have an insured car. Also punished for storing van a long way from our UK address. ie £ 600 and that was with som backdated no claims from when we lived here full time.

    • John Parish

      Hi Guys,

      John here (Pommy) 🙂 we plan to do the same thing as live in the Philippines now. Any help would be great ref storage fees locations etc
      Thanks John

  • Hi, I am looking for somewhere to keep a van as yet not purchased, whilst I convert it into a camper. Does anyone know of a site/land around the Birmingham area where this might be possible? Another option which might be possible is that in exchange for this space, I would be willing to accept a mutually beneficial agreement, whereby I act in a watchman/caretaker type role in return for this space. Does anyone know of a site/land around the Birmingham area where this might be possible?

  • Dorothy Lowe

    We are looking to store our camper van near Manchester please thanks

  • Eleri Green

    Hi looking for motorhome storage nr Walton on Thames Surrey area.

  • Michael West

    Looking for secure hardstanding for 19 foot trailer-sailer yacht on good 4-wheeled trailer which I am buying and need somewhere to put in the interim. The nearest radius from Malvern Worcestershire available at present .

  • Brian I'ANSON

    Hello my name is Brian we are looking for storage for our motorhome near denham Buckinghamshire it is 24 foot long many thanks Brian

  • Moobin Mitha

    Hi, I am looking to store my motorhome in the Leicestershire area. It is a Autotrail Arapaho SE Hi-Line 6 Berth with dimensions as follows:
    Length 8.73m 28ft 6in
    Width 2.31m 7ft 6in
    Height 3.07m 10ft 1in
    M T P L M 5000kg
    If you can please help, I would be very thankful.
    Kind Regards,

  • Julie Wilcox

    We are about to buy our first campervan but we are struggling to find anywhere to store it in the Redhill/Reigate area (Surrey)


  • Hello. Looking to store my motorhome in London. I’m based in Camden so the closer the better. Any suggestions? Many thanks

  • Guy Brooks

    Hi Am looking for year round motorhome storage near London / Kent.

    many thanks Guy

    • James smith

      Hi guy I have two places that have just come available Br67pp if it is of any interest to you please give me a call on 07799647964 James

  • Santos Cejudo

    Hi. I am looking for some place to storage our Sprinter Motorhome in Tonbridge, Kent.
    Thanks, Santos

  • Irene Helps

    Hello, I am looking for somewhere to store my Autotrail motorhome in the Selby North Yorkshire area please.

    Thanks Irene

  • J shakespeare

    Hi I’m looking for somewhere to store my campervan within 10 miles of the Aylesbury Tring area of Buckinghamshire , any help is much appreciated, thankyou

  • Hi, does anyone know of a space in the North Wales/Chester/Liverpool kind of area that would allow me to both store and work on the conversion of a Mercedes Vario 614 bus?

    Not looking for anything special in particular , a farmers field would do.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Alec Currie

    Hi i am trying to find parking /storage for my 24 ft rv in the evesham area.many thanks alec

  • Hi we’re in the Barnsley area, and are looking for somewhere suitable to keep our van while we renovate it. It’s a Fiat Ducato. Can anyone help please? TIA

    • Leigh Coulson

      Hi we are looking to store our motorhome 5.2 metres from mid October some where near southeast London, we live in Lee se12. Any ideas. Thanks in advance

  • gerry fitzgerald

    Hi, we have a 6.3 metre motorhome.looking for storage for 2-3 months.
    We live 6 miles south of Croydon,but willing to travel reasonable distance,(30 miles or so)maybe more if south.

    • Grace

      We’re in a similar position – we live just outside Croydon and are looking for RV storage. If you find anywhere would you mind sharing? Equally if you took a year pitch and wanted to transfer it to us after 2-3 months we’d be open to that…
      Thanks, Grace

  • Med seddik

    I am buying a motorhome and I am looking for somewhere to store it
    for 2/3 months
    I live in W9 london Queen,s Park,
    Thank you

  • Helen Laing


    My husband and I have just bought a Renault Master campervan and are looking for somewhere to store it. We live in East London

    Thank you


  • Magdalena Pukaluk

    Hi all, we are looking for a parking for our Fiat Ducato Motorhome. Best location would close to M25 and A3 junction and outside low emission zone. Any help appreciated
    Best regards and thanks for reading

  • Mohamad Issa

    Hi , I am looking for a storage to my small motorhome in west London, it is 6.3 meter long.
    My number is 07961349649
    Thank you


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