DIY Campervan Conversion Guide – With Pics

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I’ve broken down this guide into the stages I have been through with my own conversions. This is by no means a definitive guide and there are some bits missing – if you want heating, bottled gas or hot water, I’m afraid you are out of luck.

However, if you want some hints and suggestions to help you create a relatively simple but usable conversion, read on.

For a review of my thoughts on this conversion after 18 months of use, click here.


Although some aspects of this guide will apply to all motorhomes – e.g. insulation – much of it is aimed at relatively simple small van conversions, using vehicles such the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter and Renault Trafic / Vauxhall Vivaro.

Disclaimer: All material is provided for information purposes and is my opinion only. I can take no responsibility for the accuracy, suitability, reliability or safety of the information in this guide.