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Brit Stops 2020: Perfect for a staycation road trip

I’ve had the latest edition of the Brit Stops guide on my desk since lockdown. I decided to wait to post it until we were allowed to venture out again in our motorhomes, but then July somehow got away from me. So my apologies to Steve at Brit Stops for being so slow to post this review.

What is Brit Stops?

If you’ve not heard of Brit Stops before, it’s a scheme that allows you to stay overnight at more than 1,000 pubs, farm shops and other such venues, all over the UK. There’s no fee for the overnight stops — all you pay is the annual cost of the Brit Stops guide, which is currently £28 plus P&P and includes a parking pass to display in your windscreen.

COVID-19 update: Although most Brit Stops sites are now able to operate, some may have remained closed. Opening hours and facilities may also have changed. Brit Stops’ advice is to phone ahead to every site to check if you’re still welcome.

Brit Stops are a great way to find new locations and overnight in stunning settings. I can’t reveal any of the exact locations here as that information is for members only. But the guide includes a map and directory with details of each location. They are widely spread across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

With campsites often running at £20+ per night, you can save serious amounts of the folding stuff by including some Brit Stops on your holiday route.

How do Brit Stops work?

Of course, Brit Stops hosts hope that if you’re interested, you’ll sample their wares — some fresh produce in a farm shop, or perhaps a pub meal. But there’s no obligation.

The only requirement is that you introduce yourself to the host when you get there and remember that this isn’t a campsite. The code of conduct is very similar to European aires — you are parking, not camping:

  • No awnings, camping furniture, BBQs, generators, etc – you’ll be given a parking space and should not occupy any other space outside your vehicle
  • Your motorhome must be self-contained, including a toilet. Arrive with water and an empty waste tank. Most stops don’t provide any facilities and you should not expect them.
  • 24hr maximum stay
  • Motorhomes/campervans only – no caravans, tents, unconverted vans or cars

What are you waiting for?

The Brit Stops 2020 guide is available to buy direct from the Brit Stops website and is valid until 28 February 2021. So there’s still plenty of scope for getting plenty of use from this year’s guide, even if you’d rather wait until things calm down after the school holidays.

We think Brit Stops is a great scheme. Founders Steve and Mandy have worked hard to continually add new UK stopover locations since they launched Brit Stops in 2011. Over the last nine years, the number of hosts has risen from 75 to more than 1,000. We think it’s an impressive achievement that provides a real alternative choice for UK motorhome travel, where campsites are often the only option.

If you’re staying in the UK this summer and are looking for new experiences (and wanting to avoid over-crowded campsites), then Brit Stops could be perfect. Why not take a look?

Buy: Brit Stops 2020 (£28 +P&P)