Motorhome Servicing – Mechanical Servicing & Habitation Servicing

Like any vehicle, motorhomes need servicing. In fact, they need two types of servicing:

  • Base vehicle (mechanical) service – servicing the van
  • Habitation service – servicing the motorhome conversion

Servicing the base vehicle deals with the van aspects of the motorhome – changing the engine oil and filters and so on. It’s essentially the same as the servicing that would be given to an unmodified panel van.

Habitation servicing deals with all aspects of the motorhome conversion – internal and external. This includes the gas system, all of the habitation electrics, the water and heating systems and dealing with any leaks or bodywork problems relating to the conversion.

Large motorhome dealers can sometimes provide both vehicle and habitation servicing at the same time.

Smaller motorhome dealers may not have the workshop facilities required for vehicle servicing and may only be able to provide habitation servicing. This means you will need to take your van to a regular garage for its mechanical services.

Depending on the size and weight of your van, you may need to use a commercial vehicle garage for servicing. Not all car garages can cope with the length, width, height and weight of larger motorhomes.

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