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Although the focus of this site is on motorhome travel and all types of motorhome conversions, DIY campervan conversions are a topic close to my heart, as I have a self-build Ford Transit motorhome myself. Indeed, the most popular pages on this site by far are those relating to motorhome and campervan conversions.

I’ve produced a guide to the conversion I did on my current van and explained each stage of the conversion and why I did what I did:

Click here for my DIY Campervan Conversion Guide

If you’d like to see the whole conversion pass before your eyes in less than two minutes, check out my video of the conversion:

Finally, to find out what my wife and I have learned after using our motorhome, check out the review of my van after 18 months of use, including 13 weeks away – click here

There are a lot of other good resources covering DIY conversion of vans and buses, so thought I’d highlight a few of this, both online and offline. Naturally this information will have a UK/European bias, as we’re based in the UK:

Disclaimer: All material is provided for information purposes and is my opinion only. I can take no responsibility for the accuracy, suitability, reliability or safety of the information in this guide.

4 thoughts on “DIY Motorhome & Campervan Information Guide

  • Hi Neville Hayes here i have just begun posting”Building your own motorhome camper” video series on youtube.
    There are over 50 parts all filmed in HD and designed to be fun all the way, the title is called “CHEAP AND FREE”.

  • Looks like a good conversion, we’ll defiantly be building our own conversion someday!

    • Its a big job and there is lots too learn but also extremely satisfying, where do you think you will travel to.


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