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Unusual Motorhomes: Knaus C-Liner

I’ve mentioned the Knaus C-Liner a couple of times before – it’s a top-spec, luxury 2-berth motorhome. Although not many C-Liners were made, the model attracted considerable praise and at least one celebrity owner – car-mad JayKay of Jamiroquai.

C-Liner owner Michael Newton recently contacted me to say that he was selling his C-Liner and to ask if it rated a mention in our ‘Unusual Motorhomes’ category. Although I wouldn’t normally include a standard production model, the C-Liner is so rare and special that I’ve been convinced – feast your eyes on this fine example of German engineering:

Michael's Knaus C Liner Motorhome
Michael's Knaus C-Liner Motorhome

If you’d like to learn more about the C-Liner or are interested in buying the one above (for sale as of August 2009), then visit Michael’s website at www.motorhome-by-knaus-for-sale.co.uk.

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  • john millington

    I currently have two properties for sale in Bulgaria,where I live.basically I am asset rich cash poor.So I have slashed the prices to sell as I am Geeting on in years and wish to tour more.So decided to raise cash to buy a really good motorhome I had my eyes on the autosleeper Devon.But this Klaus made me wish I had sold one house.I also will part with my Jaguar to buy what I want.Does your advertiser fancy a holiday home in Bulgaria? if so lets talk a deal.telrphone 061-515731 or e mail me

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