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5 Reasons Motorhomers Should Thank Will Smith

Update: Four years after I wrote this post, Anderson Mobile Estates is still going strong and has made it into this weekend’s newspapers courtesy of Ashton Kutcher, who has hired Anderson’s Baby Girl rental trailer to be his home from home while filming Two And A Half Men – Kutcher is replacing the recently-fired Charlie Sheen. Kutcher’s trailer is available for $8,750 a week, or you can buy one for $2m!

Anyone who has been in a motorhome or RV in the last few years knows that the days of peeling veneer, damp walls, running condensation and primitive facilities are well and truly over.

Even though many luxury motorhomes are already fitted out like a cross between Buckingham Palace and the Playboy Mansion, some people are just never satisfied – especially people like Will Smith, a.k.a. the Fresh Prince.

When he got wind of a new concept in motorhomes, he just had to have the first one – a bargain at $1.8m. It’s based around a full-size tractor-trailer unit – an articulated lorry to my UK readers!

You might think that this is way out of your league – but the great thing is that (almost) all of these features will end up trickling down to the motorhomes and RVs you and I buy – probably sooner than you think*.

So here are 5 reasons we should thank the Fresh Prince:

(If Will Smith isn’t your style, Robert de Niro has one, too.)

1. Let me just take you upstairs…

That’s right. Two floors. Upstairs & downstairs. This must be the coolest motorhome invention since the rock ‘n’ roll bed and the pop-top roof. Look at this party space:

Top Deck of Anderson Mobile Estates Babygirl motorhome trailer

Maker Anderson Mobile Estates has patented the technology used in Will Smith’s trailer – but I guarantee you that in a few years’ mainstream motorhomes and RVs will start extending upwards as well as sideways.

2. Electric privacy glass

Having completely blackened glass all the time is maybe a little too “Pimp My Ride” for some holiday parks – and it makes it a bit dark inside, too.

The solution is obvious – switchable privacy glass. At the touch of a button, all windows go from clear to opaque and you have complete privacy.

Privacy glass in clear mode in a motorhome trailerPrivacy glass in opaque or closed mode in a motorhome trailer

3. Wireless touchscreen controls

Darling, could you just turn down the heat? Oh, and switch off that light too, and turn up the music?

Imagine having a remote that controls everything. Wireless touchscreen controls are completely programmable and can be hooked into almost any system. They look cool, too.

4. A bathroom that would shame most hotels

No more turning on the spot, smacking your elbows on the walls and feeling like you’re in a sensory-deprivation chamber. This is how bathrooms should be – with real granite, porcelain and chrome in all the right places:

Motorhome Trailer Bathroom

5. Man, I gotta lay down some tracks tonight…

You won’t necessarily want a full-on recording studio in your motorhome, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from the quality multimedia system design that enables the studio to work. Think about the cleverly-concealed wiring, electrical power and soundproofing this place needs.

Music recording studio in an Anderson motorhome

Mobile home cinema, anyone?

*Proof: The future is here already!

Just in case you don’t believe me, some of these features are already arriving in motorhomes aimed at regular holidaymakers. Just take a look at this Knaus C-Liner, as owned by Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay:

Click here for pics of the Knaus C-Liner

This German model is aimed at the European market and “only” costs around £42,000 ($85,000). The C-Liner is large enough to accommodate two people in comfort and small enough to go almost anywhere.

It boasts a fully-integrated multimedia system, electric, sun-reflecting blinds and a stylish bathroom with a separate, circular shower cubicle and a proper toilet. It all comes packaged in a modern, high-quality design that really is in a different universe from the motorhomes of the past.

Thanks, Will.

All pictures copyright of Anderson Mobile Estates.

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Motorhomers Should Thank Will Smith

  • Anderson Mobile Estates was not the first to build using the double decker idea. Jexcar was the first manufacturer to build a double decker semi trailer for the film industry back in 1996, four years earlier than Anderson. Anderson claims to be the inventor when in fact the concept already existed. Check out http://www.jexcar.com for some innovative stuff on wheels

  • Motorhome News

    I don’t state that Anderson invented the two-storey concept – only that some features of their two-storey design have been patented. I think this may be down to the way the second storey retracts inside the first storey, but I’m not sure.

    Even Anderson’s website refers to the fact that some of their competitors also have two-storey models, so I’m not sure who is claiming what here…

  • Laura W-A

    Heck, when I was in grade school I wanted to convert a double decker bus and live in it. 🙂 I can’t imagine it’s really a novel concept… Those are truly gorgeous, though!

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  • greg laseter

    I love your’e product and the fact no is not in the picture.You make it happen not excuses.I have been self employed all my life building high end custom kitchens and built for broward yachts..Am experienced w/vitracore (polycarbonite) material.I would love the to work on a project of this quality
    and imagination.I make things happen if a buy a bike/boat what ever the first thing I do is start modifying.

    have great day
    Greg Laseter

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