Unusual Motorhomes

For VW Lovers Only? A Compact Treat

Over at the Truck and Van blog today, Will Shiers has a picture of a rare VW Beetle motorhome conversion that only a true devotee could love.

Apparently only a few were made – and one wonders what the interior layout was like, given that Beetles were rear engined… it must have made for a warm bed after a long drive, anyway!

Although it seems a wacky concept, very similar (albeit front-engined) motorhomes are still being produced today by two UK manufacturers.

Both NuVenture Motorhomes and Isle of Wight-based Romahome produce coachbuilt motorhomes based on the Citroen Berlingo van – creating a similarly-sized motorhome. Although you may still run into problems with height restrictions, they certainly make a compact alternative for one or two people to tour in, offering fantastic fuel consumption and ease of driving.

I’m not sure if anyone offers these for hire in the UK – most people would be put off by the restricted space and they are not ideal for families.