Journeys by Motorhome

Size + Comfort – Style = RV?

I came across this article in The Telegraph today and had to share it with you.

James May (the posh one on Top Gear, for anyone unfamiliar with him) has been spending some time touring California in a ‘proper’ RV – a 42 feet Monaco Dynasty.

While its creature comforts are beyond criticism, he does make some valid points about style. To be honest, it has always puzzled me a little too – the interiors of many caravans and motorhomes appear to be stuck in something of a time-warp when it comes to style – despite offering great functionality.

There are a few motorhomes out there that are starting to buck the trend – a particularly fine example is the Knaus C-Liner – check out these pictures if you haven’t already seen them.

See the full article here.