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Great Yorkshire Motorhome & Caravan Show Review March 2013

Harrogate Great Yorkshire Motorhome Show March 2013
Attendance was down but there were a few canny motorhome buyers who were doing good deals with the cold salesmen!

No one expected the weather to be quite so cold and snowy at the end of March, so it was with slight reluctance that we persuaded ourselves to venture out and head over to Harrogate’s Great Yorkshire Showground on Saturday, to visit the Great Yorkshire Motorhome & Caravan Show.

Despite a certain frostiness to proceedings, there was a decent range of motorhomes on display and we managed to identify exactly the layout and size we want for our next motorhome…

Although there was a reasonable range of stalls and dealer exhibits, it certainly wasn’t as big as we expected — perhaps in part because it had been strangely/deliberately (?) scheduled to clash with the Spring Motorhome & Caravan Show at Newark showground.

After heading indoors to warm up and get a coffee, we bumped into Steve from BritStops, who was busy promoting his excellent UK motorhome stopover guide, and also spied Adam and Sophie from Motorhome Wifi and Europe By Camper.

Harrogate was well worth a visit, and although the weather must have reduced visitor numbers, the lousy weather meant that it was a good day to be a buyer — as one salesman pointed out to us, “you’ll never get such a good deal on a motorhome as you will today”.

I have to admit it — we were tempted!

2 thoughts on “Great Yorkshire Motorhome & Caravan Show Review March 2013

  • I was at the caravan and motorhome show in Newark that same weekend and we had about 4 inches of snow!

    There were loads of dealers and trade stalls. It is true that there were some incredible deals going that weekend due to the weather conditions.

    Did anyone manage to grab a bargain at the show?


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