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Brit Stops 2012 Review

Brit StopsA motorhome holiday is the ideal way to explore the countryside and sample the best local produce – after all, you do have your own kitchen.

This formula – plus the added attraction of varied and often beautiful settings for overnight parking – is what has made France Passion such a success. Motorhomers can stay onsite at vineyards and farms for no cost. The hosts simply  hope that they will consider learning about and sampling their produce.

I’ve known about France Passion and its Spanish, Italian, German, Swiss and Belgian equivalents for years, but until recently, I did not realise that there is a British scheme, too.

Brit Stops

Brit Stops was founded by keen motorhomers Steve and Mandy and gives you the chance to stay without charge at 146 rural host sites around Britain.

Steve recently sent me a copy of the 2012 Brit Stops guide to review and I have to admit to being very impressed. As well as vineyards, which are mostly restricted to the south west, there are dozens of farm shops, pubs, ski areas, breweries and even an airfield – all of which are happy to have you for the night, as long as you abide by the Brit Stops code of conduct.

A look at the Brit Stop entries for the area I live in (North Yorkshire) confirms the quality and appeal of the sites and makes it clear that touring the UK using Brit Stops as well as campsites and wild camping is a very attractive option.

Motorhomes Welcome

It makes a change to see an initiative that welcomes motorhomes outside campsites in the UK. Although the Brit Stop hosts are not campsites, some of them do offer additional facilities such as water or waste water disposal that will help you reduce the need to use campsites and give you the chance for some much more memorable experiences.

After all, what would you rather spend your money on? Top quality local produce, or campsite fees?

Joining Brit Stops

Joining Brit Stops costs £25 per year, valid from March to March, for which you get a good quality, pocket-sized guide book detailing all the stops, listed by geographical region.

You also get a windscreen sticker to display on your motorhome, confirming that you are a Brit Stops member.

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