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Product Review: Ring Xenon Max Headlight Bulbs

Ring Xenon Max headlight bulbs in packaging (H4)Disclosure: I received a free sample from Ring Automotive for this review. I did not receive any payment and was not required to write a positive review. Links marked with (eBay⇒) or (Amazon⇒) are affiliate links. This means I get paid a small commission if you buy something after clicking on the links. This money helps to pay for the running of the website.

Car headlights have advanced considerably in recent years. Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps have raised the bar considerably for those people who have them – but the majority of cars and almost all vans still come with good old-fashioned halogen headlights.

This has led bulb manufacturers to spend much of the last decade trying to find ways of improving standard halogen bulb designs to provide a brighter, whiter light – without reducing the life of the bulbs to an unacceptable level.

The result of all this effort is that the latest generation of high performance halogen headlight bulbs claim to provide up to 100% more light. This claim reflects the amount of extra light provided at 75m – towards the limit of the range of a dipped beam.

Ring Automotive Xenon Max Bulbs (H4)

I recently received a set of Ring Automotive’s Xenon Max bulbs to review. My Transit uses H4 headlight bulbs. This design has been around since the 1960s and provides both dipped and main beams from one bulb.

To test the bulbs, I found a quiet stretch of country road near where I live and filmed myself driving along it with both the standard headlight bulbs and the Xenon Max bulbs installed. The difference is quite noticeable and definitely worthwhile. I did feel that the shadows at the base of the beam were a little worse with the Xenon Max bulbs – but this could have been because of the sharper contrast between light and dark. See what you think:

High performance bulbs have a reputation for not lasting quite as long as standard bulbs, so it will be interesting to see how well the Xenon Max bulbs last. I’ve only previously changed one headlight bulb in my van in more than two years of ownership.

Final Thoughts

I’ll definitely be keeping the Xenon Max bulbs in my Transit for the time being, as the extra light was a noticeable improvement. Durability remains to be proven, but so far, I like them.

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