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Product Review: Onedrywash Waterless Motorhome Cleaning Kit

Onedrywash Motorhome Cleaning Kit boxDisclosure: I received a free sample from Onedrywash for this review. I did not receive any payment and was not required to write a positive review. Links marked with (eBay⇒) or (Amazon⇒) are affiliate links. This means I get paid a small commission if you buy something after clicking on the links. This money helps to pay for the running of the website.

If you buy any of the major motorhome or caravan magazines, you will probably have seen Onedrywash’s advert – a dusty 4×4 towing a caravan, pulling up at a car wash sign in the middle of the outback.

Today, I found an alternative use for the Onedrywash Motorhome Cleaning Kit I was sent recently – washing my motorhome when temperatures were close enough to freezing that water poured on the road would probably turn to ice pretty quickly, making me highly unpopular with my neighbours.

Waterless car wash products were originally conceived for military use but have migrated to the high street in recent years. When I first heard of them I wondered why they did not scratch your paintwork, but they don’t. Apparently, the clever bit is that they break down the dirt on your paintwork and suspend it in the liquid – which you then wipe off, leaving a great finish.

Onedrywash Motorhome Cleaning Kit (£12.95)

Onedrywash is the second waterless wash product I’ve tried and I am rapidly being converted. The kit includes everything you will need to clean your van:

  • A 500ml bottle of wash with a spray attachment (should be enough for several washes)
  • Two microfibre cloths in different colours, one to wipe, one to buff
  • A pair of latex gloves to keep your hands clean

Applying Onedrywash is simple:

  1. Spray onto one panel at a time, fairly sparingly
  2. Use one cloth to wipe lightly over the panel, coating it evenly in liquid
  3. Allow the panel to dry
  4. Buff to a shine with your second cloth

It really is that simple and it not only cleans but polishes your bodywork. Black streaks can easily be removed, too, although a couple of goes might be required. Here are some of mine, before and after a single application of Onedrywash:

Removing black streaks from motorhome bodywork with Onedrywash

I’ve not tested it on GRP/aluminium/white plastic but I imagine it would work just as well as on metal.

Certainly Onedrywash did a good job on both my glass windows and my acrylic windows, leaving no smears and giving a good shine. Paintwork was left shiny and with that wonderful ‘just waxed’ feel – a better finish that you could get with just car shampoo:

Motorhome window and paintwork after using Onedrywash
Both paintwork and windows were shiny after I’d finished – check out the reflections

If this review seems overly positive, it’s because I was really impressed. The only downside is that unlike with a water wash, the cloths you use need to be machine washed after each use, rather than just rinsed under the tap.

Onedrywash sells a number of kits, aimed at different types of vehicle. Many of these are the same, so don’t feel you need to buy the car and motorhome kits, for example – they are identical. One wash took around a quarter of a bottle, but I found I was using less as I went along, so I might be able to squeeze 5 washes from a 500ml bottle on my panel van conversion. Larger motorhomes will obviously use more.

Final Thoughts: I was really impressed with the ease of use and finish provided by Onedrywash. It is also ideal for cleaning windows and removing flies from bonnets while travelling without needing to use water.

Buy Onedrywash direct or on Amazon (Amazon⇒) 

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