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Product Review: Kampa Large Levelling Ramps

Kampa Large Levelling Ramps
Kampa Large Levelling Ramps

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I recently reviewed Milenco’s Quattro levelling ramps. These behemoths of the levelling world certainly provide some altitude and a solid foundation for even the largest of motorhome wheels, but they were a little too large and heavy for my purposes, especially given the amount of storage space they require in my campervan.

In most circumstances, something smaller and lighter would probably do the job – such as Kampa’s Large Level Ramps. Taking advantage of the ‘good’ weather before the promised snow, I have been out in my motorhome today and put a set of Kampa’s levelling ramps to the test. I also took some photos of the Kampas alongside the Milencos so you can see how much difference there is between them and understand which might be best for you.

Kampa Large Levelling Ramps (approx. £20)

The Kampa levels are grey plastic with a ribbed base plate that should help them grip the ground and prevent them sinking into soft grass or sand too easily. The ramp surface is laddered for extra grip.

Motorhome driving onto Kampa Large Levelling Ramps

Motorhome on Kampa large levelling rampsDespite their ‘large’ moniker, these ramps are a relatively standard size. Each one is 46cm long, 19cm wide and a maximum of 8.5cm high. Each ramp weighs 1.5kg and is rated for up to 1,500kg – i.e. a 3 tonne axle weight. They seem fairly solid, although I do have some concerns about the base plate coming loose over time, as it is only screwed in with some small screws.

In Use

The Kampa ramps are very easy to drive onto – there is no lip or hump to overcome in order to get your wheels on top of them. They seemed stable and did not move under my wheels at all on slippery wet tarmac. Overall, I liked them.

I am not quite as obssessive as some motorhomers when it comes to levelling, but I do like to be able to get the ‘van roughly horizontal. The Kampas seem idea for this purpose and are small and light enough to be quite easily stored, even in smaller motorhomes and campervans.

Final Thoughts

I liked the Kampa levelling ramps and intend to give them a more thorough test on different types of ground next time I go away in my motorhome. They provide a realistic maximum height of about 3 inches, which in my experience is often ample, especially for smaller motorhomes.

Finally, as promised, here is a photo of the Kampas alongside the Milenco Quattro levels, to give you an idea of the difference in size:

Milenco Quattro Levels vs Kampa Large Levelling Ramps
They really are two different products for two different purposes…

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Update March 2016: Several years on, we still use the Kampa ramps occasionally and they’ve proved useful and reasonably durable, for a smaller van such as ours.