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Unusual Motorhomes: Isuzu Fargo 4WD Camper

I spotted this Isuzu Fargo 4WD camper when I was out and about today – it’s a Japanese import and is an unusual sight in the UK. The Isuzu base vehicle looks to be very similar to the old Toyota Townace / Liteace and it’s pretty compact for a coachbuilt motorhome – it doesn’t show in the picture, but the parking bay was pretty narrow. A nearby Ford Transit didn’t fit between the lines.

Isuzu Fargo 4WD camper

Its licence plate made it about 20 years old, but Japanese imports are always in above average condition (low mileage and no corrosion, thanks to no salt on the roads in winter) and although it looked dated it also looked pretty tidy. Four wheel drive could come in handy on muddy campsites, especially as it had suitable tyres, too.

A quick Google reveals that more of these are imported to Australia and New Zealand than the UK – Isuzu is a much bigger name in the light truck sector down under than it is here (yet).

4 thoughts on “Unusual Motorhomes: Isuzu Fargo 4WD Camper

  • I have one of these as they were marketed in Britain as 4×4 Bedford Midi.
    Mine is a G reg 1989 model.
    I have a picture of mine on my web site.
    I bouight it scrap for £25 ten years ago and fixed a scrap VW roof.

    • Hi John,

      So that’s why it looked slightly familiar – I hadn’t made the connection to the Bedford Midi.

      Cheers, Roland

    • Hiya,
      I have purchased an Isuzu Alamo but cannot find what the tyre pressures should be.
      Please could you advise.?
      Also, any ideas where I can get a manual from?
      Many thanks

      • Wow this is a resurrection of the thread.
        I put 40 psi in mine.
        I don’t think there are any manuals around.
        I have a Midi CD disc, but not sure how much it covers the Alamo.

        Will see if I can find it.

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