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Guest Writers Wanted

Have you read the material on this site and thought “I can do better?”

Are you working on (or have completed) a van conversion that you’d like to share with other enthusiasts?

Have you been somewhere interesting that you’d like to share with Motorhome Planet readers?

Have you recently bought a motorhome that you’d like to review for us?

If you’ve got anything at all that’s vaguely motorhome-related then I would love to hear from you. I’d like to broaden the range of material that’s available on the site by publishing articles from other contributors. I’m not looking for prize-winning journalism – just honest, interesting material and I’m happy to include links to your website if you’ve got one (as long as it’s motorhome related).

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Email me with an outline of what your suggesting – I’ll reply confirming it’s ok
  2. Email me the text/pictures you want to use and I’ll publish them on the site as a blog post
  3. If we’re both happy and you’d like to contribute regularly, I’ll setup an account for you so you can login and write directly onto the site

Obviously I will have the last word about everything published on the site and if it isn’t suitable then I will remove it. Common sense should prevail – as long as it is relevant and not laden with expletives, there shouldn’t be a problem. No money will change hands either way but I am happy to allow links to your website, as long as it is motorhome related.