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Motorhome Planet Launches Forums

Motorhome Planet now has forums!

I’ve been thinking about ways to expand this website for a while and would love to be able to get more insight and information from the many visitors the site gets – some of whom leave great comments and email me with questions and suggestions about motorhome conversion.

The new forums on the site will enable anyone to get involved and discuss their ideas and experiences of motorhome travel, motorhome conversions and anything else vaguely motorhome related.

I’ve kept the forum categories broad and few to start with to try and encourage everyone to pile in to the same area and get involved. If necessary, I’ll separate out the discussion into more categories in the future.

Newly-registered users do need to be approved by an administrator (me) before posting is possible – much as I hate to do this, previous experience with other forums suggests that this is the best way to avoid countless spam user signups. I’m on the computer most of the time during the day so hopefully this won’t be too inconvenient.

As always, any comments or questions are more than welcome – either leave a comment below or head over to the forum and register. I hope to see you there!