Review: OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco (2017 edition)

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OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco (2nd edition)

It’s probably fair to say that visiting Morocco has made a big impression on Julie and Jason Buckley.

The couple, who diary their motorhome travels on the website, have spent a total of four months travelling around Morocco in their motorhome. They’ve also written a total of three books about their experiences.

OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco (2nd edition)The latest of these is the 2nd edition of the OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco, which they published in 2012. This new edition is considerably more detailed, and has expanded from 84 pages to 210 pages!

Having followed Jason and Julies’ travels in the past, I knew what to expect. A mix of super-useful practical advice, insight and personal reflections. Plus some great travel stories and photos.

Although they are at pains to point out that they aren’t experts on Morocco or motorhomes, the reality is that they’re a lot more experienced at both than most of us.

I’d suggest that this new guide is essential reading for anyone heading to Morocco in a motorhome for the first time. There’s so much useful information here it would be daft not to take advantage, given the bargain price of just £6.

Here’s a random sampling of what’s inside the 2nd edition:

  • Practical knowledge: detailed info on ferries, roads and campsites, plus essential tips on insurance, custom regulations, currency, language, social customs and much, much more.
  • Commerce/mobile internet: Details of shopping, haggling (and when not to), fuel and getting cheap mobile internet on a local SIM
  • Pets: As the Buckleys always travel with their dog Charlie, there’s plenty of useful info on pets too.
  • Poverty/hassle/crime: The fear can be worse than the reality for western visitors. Tips on dealing with tipping, bribes, drug dealers (!), beggars and ‘false friends’…
  • Routes and location guide: A review of many of the locations they visited and/or stayed in on their trips, including pictures and GPS co-ordinates.

The OurTour Guide To Motorhome Morocco is as useful a guide as you’re likely to find. It’s also well written and nicely formatted, so is easy and enjoyable to read or to use as a reference guide. Highly recommended.

Book details:

Title: OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco
Authors: Julie and Jason Buckley
Published: May 2017 (2nd edition)

Buy it! The guide is available to buy on the OurTour website or on Amazon (Amazon⇒).

A choice of PDF, Kindle and paper formats are available.

The PDF is in A5 format to make it easier to use on small devices and costs £6 from

The Kindle and paper versions are slightly more because of the Amazon fees.

Note: The PDF and Kindle editions are in full colour. The paper edition is black and white to keep costs down. I’d recommend going digital unless you really need/want a paper copy.

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