Book Review: OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco

OurTour Guide to Motorhome MoroccoIf you’ve ever thought about visiting Morocco in your motorhome, then this book is for you.

Many European motorhomers avoid this most hospitable part of North Africa because of fears of corruption, crime, bad roads, dangerous drivers and language barriers, but as Julie and Jason Buckley explain, most of these fears are exaggerated and unnecessary.

As part of a two-year tour of Europe (documented on their website,, the Buckleys spent a month touring Morocco in company with Dave, their ageing Hymer, and Charlie, their well-travelled dog.

Julie says that they received so many questions about motorhoming in Morocco that she decided to write Motorhome Morocco, a copy of which she was kind enough to send me so that I could write this review (sorry it’s taken so long, Julie!).

The Book

OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of visiting Morocco in your motorhome as an independent traveller — not with an organised tour.

All aspects of the trip are covered by this book, including:

  • Ferry tickets, insurance, breakdown cover and immigration
  • Driving
  • Camping (including a detail guide to the campsites used by Jay and Julie)
  • Shopping and bartering
  • Taking your dog
  • Avoiding scams
  • Lessons learned and further information

Motorhome Morocco is well written and very readable, and Julie’s writing has the unmistakable hallmark of genuine experience. Everything you want to know or might ask about visiting Morocco in a motorhome is likely to be covered by this book, and for £4.95, it is an absolute bargain.

Photo magic

The information contained in this book is worth the purchase price alone, but you also get a photo tour of Morocco that really brings the country to life.

Julie is an accomplished photographer, and the photos used in this book are an unexpected bonus that makes it worth a look even if you aren’t planning a visit. They really are that good — the cover is a good example of what to expect throughout the book.

Incidentally, if you’d like to read more of the Buckleys’ travel stories, Julie has also written a book about their travels in Morocco, A monkey ate my breakfast: Motorhome adventures in Morocco.

Final thoughts

For £4.95, OurTour Guide to Motorhome Morocco is a genuine bargain. Well researched, beautifully illustrated and backed by real experience — this guide has answered all the questions I had about visiting Morocco with a motorhome, and was also an enjoyable read.

Highly recommended.

Book information

Title: OurTour Guide To Motorhome Morocco
Authors: Julie and Jason Buckley
Price: £4.95
Purchase info: Available from Amazon (click here) in Kindle/e-reader formats or directly from in PDF format.

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