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MINI Clubvan Camper Concept – Could It Become Reality?

MINI Clubvan Camper
The MINI Clubvan Camper concept vehicle

The MINI Clubvan was launched last year to some acclaim, and I’ve seen a few on the road recently, looking very good — undoubtedly a great marketing tool. It’s undeniably one of the hottest small vans on the market, but could it make a good camper conversion?

MINI reckons the Clubvan could be a convincing campervan, and has released images of a concept camper conversion of the Clubvan. The firm has no plans to offer the Clubvan Camper as a production model, but I wouldn’t put it past some other converters to consider the idea, if demand was strong enough.

Let’s take a closer look.

Like most really small campervan conversions, it would work best in fair weather, when you’d rather be outside anyway.

Behind the solid side windows there is a spacious sleeping berth for one person, plus a small, slideout kitchenette complete with propane stove and chest fridge.

There’s even a hand-held shower attachment and underfloor water tank, although this isn’t really shown in the pictures:

MINI Clubvan camper with kitchen slideout in use
The Clubvan Camper’s slideout kitchen includes a gas stove and a top-loading fridge — and in good weather, catering and dining al fresco is ideal.
MINI Clubvan Camper gas stove and fridge
A gas stove (the gas cylinder is underneath the shelf) and a top-loading fridge. Cold beer and hot food – what else do you need?

Another reason that you wouldn’t want to cook inside the Clubvan Camper when it’s closed up is safety — with the gas cylinder directly below the stove, some ventilation would be desirable to avoid the triple risks of fire, asphyxiation and severe condensation…

Sleeping in the Clubvan Camper could be comfortable if cosy for one person — using the front passenger seat, it’s possible to make a full-length single bed, and the model would also be available with an auxiliary heater and a sun-roof, to provide overnight heat or ventilation, depending on the season:

The MINI Clubvan Camper sleeps 1
I’m not a big fan of bed that use the cab seats, but in a vehicle this size, there’s no choice and it’s a good, workable solution.

Could it work?

The Clubvan Camper is an entirely feasible conversion that would probably find a number of loyal fans. The van’s small size and low roof height means that it couldn’t offer the relatively spacious sophistication of the Romahome R10, but it would make up for that in style — and judging from some of the van conversions I see on the road, that would be enough for many buyers.

Would you buy one — or attempt a conversion of the Clubvan yourself?