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Around The World In A Suzuki Jimny: Half Way There

Suzuki Jimny in Mongolia
One of the Suzuki Jimny 4x4s crossing Mongolia

It may not be a motorhome, but it’s an impressive vehicle on an even more impressive global journey.

Four retired Suzuki Jimny fans are now well on their way around the planet on a huge  fundraising tour for their charity (Feb ’16: I’ve disabled the link because the site now seems to have cybersquatters on it) which is in aid of Save the Children and the Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, Hampshire.

The expedition was masterminded by retired businessman Leslie Carvall and it began in Southampton on Easter Sunday. The crew of seventy year olds are travelling alone with no frills, luxuries or a support team.

The two Jimnys have made good progress on the latest 2,300 mile remote section through Mongolia and back into Russia. They plan to reach Vladivostock by the end of May where the cars will be loaded into a container for the 30 day sea crossing to Vancouver, Canada.

Despite very long days travelling at a slower pace and encountering some of the worst roads in the world − some with potholes almost a foot deep − the vehicles have certainly proved their reliability with a broken shock absorber bolt being the only running repair needed. The crew were welcomed by staff at one of Suzuki’s larger dealerships at Novosibirsk in Siberia who quickly repaired the car, gave them both a major service and a well needed valet.

The team’s progress through 16 countries and across three continents can be monitored on Google earth. Updates to the website are being added regularly together with some interviews and humorous video clips of the challenge so far.

As with any charity project, all donations would be gratefully accepted via their Just Giving page. Progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

The Jimny was chosen for the trip as Les Carvall and the team wanted to prove that the mammoth five month journey could be achieved in low cost 4×4 vehicles with a strong record of durability around the world.