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Is It A Boat, Is It A Caravan? Introducing The Sealander

Ok, so it is not actually a motorhome – it is a cross between a caravan and a boat. But this neatly-executed idea from German company Sealander is actually going into production and could be quite neat, especially when larger versions are available.

Sealander Caravan and Boat
The Sealander is a small caravan that can also serve as a boat, powered by a small electric motor (all images copyright of Sealander)

The Sealander is 389cm (12′ 9″) long and is powered by a 5 horsepower electric motor when it’s afloat. When it is on land, it is small and light enough (550kg-750kg) to be towed by a fairly small car – a VW Golf or Ford Focus, for example.

The Sealander is made from a one-piece moulded GRFP (Glass Reinforced Fibre Polymer) body, a material better known as fibre composite. The example in the pictures is a prototype but the Sealander is expected to go into production in 2012 costing around €15,000.

For that, buyers will get a properly-specified small two-berth caravan, including heater, table, cooker, sink, fridge, optional Porta Potti and seating/beds for two people. The Sealander will also have a rather nifty cabriolet-style fabric roof and will of course include an electric motor with rechargeable battery for use in boat mode.

I think it sounds rather neat, although it could be one of those things that does not have many practical uses – I don’t imagine it could stand rough seas nor travel very far on its rechargeable battery. It could work very well for lake fishing, however – leave your campsite pitch in the morning, hit the lake, then return at night, when you can plug in to mains electricity to recharge the motor battery.

Here are a few more pictures:

Sealander caravan with open front hatch
The open hatch provides standing height in the cooking area at the front of the Sealander - plus a great open air experience
Sealander can be towed by a small car
The press pictures suggest that the Sealander will be towable by quite small cars - I think the car in this picture is a VW Polo
Inside the Sealander Caravan / Boat
Inside the Sealander
Sealander afloat
Sail off into the sunset in your Sealander caravan...