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Gear Review: North Face Jannu II GTX Walking Boots

The North Face Jannu II GTX walking boots
My North Face Jannu II GTX boots

Disclosure: I paid for these boots with my own money. I have no relationship with North Face. Links marked with (eBay⇒) or (Amazon⇒) are affiliate links. This means I get paid a small commission if you buy something after clicking on the links. This money helps to pay for the running of the website.

Update: Subsequent to this review, the boots started to leak, less than two years after purchase. Not so great.

My wife and I recently bought some new walking boots, and in the process we learned quite a bit about how they should fit.

We were just leaving an outdoor shop where she had been trying on some boots when I spotted a pair of North Face Jannu II GTX boots that had been reduced. I had not been planning on buying anything that day but they were in my size and they looked promising so I tried them on.

It was love at first sight. They were instantly (and have been ever since) the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. It had not even occurred to me that walking boots could be this comfortable. In use, they are terrifically supportive. The stiff but grippy Vibram sole makes a real difference on uneven, rocky surfaces and the ankle support is equally good.

I prefer leather boots as they are easier to clean and keep waterproof (I use dubbin) and I like the way they look. So far, the Jannus have been superlative in every regard. The only criticism I can level at them is that they are a bit too warm in summer conditions. However, seeing as I live in the north of England, most of the conditions I walk in are not at all like summer, so I am happy to compromise and have hot feet occasionally!

The Jannus have a North Face Northotic insoleOn a practical level, the boots have a broad rubber strip that protects the toes and sides of the boots from being scuffed.

They have a goretex lining for waterproofing and breathability (in addition to the natural water resistance of the leather), and they do appear to be completely waterproof. The Northotic insole is very comfortable and supportive for all-day use, too.

Although I bought these reduced, I would now pay full price for them without any hesitation – they are ideal for winter and mountain hiking. The Jannu II GTX is also available in a woman’s fitting.

Find North Face Jannu II GTX boots on eBay (eBay⇒)

My North Face Jannu II GTX walking boots

One thought on “Gear Review: North Face Jannu II GTX Walking Boots

  • Erich S.

    i have bought the same boots recently (2013) at amazon.com only for USD129. It was a steal!!
    not the most comfort boots i’ve ever had (my merrell was more comfort)
    but this boots are the one i rely most on every terrain and every kind of weather
    i live in tropical area where wet grasses, muds and shallow river are the common things you see on trail
    so far, these boots have never let me down with their waterproof (only 1 time i soaked the boots where i crossed the river that was quite deep and i stupidly submerged my boots) the waterproof technology is superb!
    i found the goretex is not too hot for my feet (20-25’C daily temp).
    one thing i amazed about these boots are they didn’t take long to break in. Only less than 2 weeks on daily usage (appr. 6-8hr daily use office work)
    i wasnt really impressed with the vibram. They are good at most of the terrain (except on the wet slimy rocks – which i find occasionally on my walk, and on wet floor also). The self cleaning lug was amazing!!! never had some soil/dirt stubbornly stuck on my shoe thread
    these boots, as i said before, not as comfort as my merrell. the sole is so stiff, even after break in period was over, far far away from the comfort of a sneaker
    toe box is amazingly spacious! i never had my toes bumping the shoes when descending mountain
    i didnt find the x-frame is useful (not at all!). it bends easily and i dont think it does any better than other shoes without it
    i love the rubber rand! and the full grain leather. make them the most durable built bomb proof trekking/hiking boots. Gusseted tongues are also another advantage to keep the debris out.
    overall — i feel these boots are the most reliable in every condition. i would recommend these boots for multi-day and multi-condition trekking.

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