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Waterless Car Wash – Ideal For Motorhome Cleaning While Travelling?

Mantis Instant Shine bottle

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I was recently given a bottle of Mantis Instant Shine, a waterless car cleaning product, to review for another website. Having used it to clean my van, I think that it might be just the thing for keeping the front of my motorhome clean when I’m travelling.

My approach to motorhome cleaning when away for long trips in the motorhome is that I keep the windows, mirrors, windscreen and lights clean. In spring and summer I tend to clean the bonnet occasionally as well in order to prevent the hordes of kamikaze insects becoming too firmly attached to my paintwork.

To do this, I usually use a dishcloth (the white, woven type) and few inches of water in a small, collapsible canvas bucket I carry in the van (very useful for all sorts of things). Even so, there are times when it would be useful if I could do it without water.

Waterless car wash products have been around a good few years now and apparently have a much bigger market share in hot dusty countries with water shortages – like Australia. They are also used in places where water isn’t available for cleaning – like temporary air bases in Middle Eastern deserts…

The basic principle is that the spray soaks into the dirt and detaches it from the vehicle’s paintwork, allowing it to be easily wiped off without leaving scratches or smears behind. To do this, you need at least two microfibre clothes – one ‘wash’ cloth and one to buff the paintwork to a shine after removing the dirt. Once these get dirty they will need thorough washing before you can use them again, so you may need more than two.

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To my slight surprise, this product really works. I cleaned my whole van (short wheelbase Transit) with Mantis Instant Shine and it took a little less time than with a bucket and sponge and achieved a pretty good result. The only slight weakness I found was that the windows and mirrors were left a bit smeared – but I might just have needed to have been a bit more thorough with my buffing. Here’s a before and after pic of my door – it’s hard to tell from the picture but it really is a lot cleaner in the bottom picture:

Paintwork before and after using Mantis Instant Shine

The downside is that it definitely works out more expensive than using shampoo and water  – but if you don’t have access to water than it could be a useful accessory for selective motorhome cleaning with no mess. It would certainly be more appropriate on a campsite or aire than using water.

You can read my whole complete review of Mantis Instant Shine here. I’ve been told that it is/will be available in ASDA, Focus, Tesco and Wilkinsons and will cost £9.99 a bottle.

Buy Mantis Instant Shine on eBay (eBay⇒)

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