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Find The Cheapest Ferries With Our New Ferry Search

When I first started using car ferries, comparing the costs of different ferry routes and sailing times was a slow and painstaking process.

There did not seem to be anyway of comparing different crossings on similar routes to see which was cheapest on the day you wanted to sale.

Just like everything else on the internet, things have got better. has recently launched a new ferry booking engine that allows you to compare prices for different sailings on similar routes – for example, all Dover-Calais crossings or all UK-Holland routes.

Because this is such a great tool (we have even used it ourselves to book a trip), we have now partnered up with to make this service available through the website.

Click here to Compare Ferry Prices Now

As far as I can tell, the prices quoted by the AFerry booking system are exactly the same as the prices you get if you book direct with the ferry companies – but this way is much quicker.

Why not give it a try now?

3 thoughts on “Find The Cheapest Ferries With Our New Ferry Search

  • It seemed like such a goid idea, but after scrolling down a massive list of ports along with all their associated destinations to get to Plymouth, then adding all the extra details. It resulted in an error. Twice!! Very very frustrating! And anyway why Plymouth? I want to know the cheapest route. Not choose all the various possible routes and compare them myself. What a task that would be, eveven if, IF it was working!

    • Hi Paul,

      We’re having some issues with the ferry booking engine at the moment, but are hoping to have an updated version available soon. I hope this will offer an improved service.



    • Hello again Paul,

      Just an update — purely by coincidence, our ferry booking provider has just launched an updated version of the booking engine. It will now compare prices on similar routes automatically. For example, if you choose Dover-Calais, the search results will include Dover-Dunkirk and Folkestone-Calais.

      I think the new facility is a bit improvement and would be interested to hear what you think. You can go directly to the ferry page here:



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