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Overnight Motorhome Parking Trial in Ipswich – Use It or Lose It

I’ve just discovered that Ipswich Borough Council is currently running a trial scheme allowing motorhomes to park overnight in the town’s Old Cattlemarket Car Park.

Parking is permitted from 1800 until 0800, by which time motorhomes must have vacated the car park.

Overnight parking for one motorhome costs £6 and is only permitted Monday-Friday nights.

Although this doesn’t sound like a great deal when compared to western European motorhome aires, it does represent progress in the UK and may be worth using if you need somewhere to overnight relatively cheaply in the Ipswich area. These schemes will only take off and improve if there is enough usage – otherwise they will be taken away and councils will, justifiably, be able to say that there was no demand – people prefer to use campsites.

Thanks to Motorhome Fun for the tip