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Overland in A VW Camper – 21st Century Style

Overland travel to eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia became very popular in the 1960s and 70s – thanks to a combination of high airline prices, a relatively peaceful and benign middle east and lots of (mostly) young people who were adventurous and brave enough to try it. For a truly fascinating account of one such overland tour (by bus), check out this website, which was created by a former overland bus driver.

Overland travel isn’t so popular these day, but there are still some people doing it, such as this young couple from England. Their website,, provides a fascinating and well-illustrated account of their journey in a Volkswagen T5 campervan. I particularly liked the ‘Stats‘ page – and am quite jealous of their 4,720m highest pass. The highest I’ve ever managed is around 2,800m in the Alps…

There are lots of good videos and photos as well as a detailed diary – highly recommended for anyone who is interested in overland travel 21st-century style. Their vehicle – a VW T5 converted by VW specialists Bilbo’s – is a modern take on the classic VW camper and appears to have been very well suited to their journey.

If reading this gets you hooked on the overland idea, I would strong recommend a (long) visit to this website:

This group of motorhomers have toured most parts of the inhabited world by road and the stories of their journeys are fascinating reading. Just start reading if you have anything important to do… it won’t get done!

(Thanks to German Car Scene for the original story)