USA 2018

Driving from Denali to Haines Junction: USA 2018

We spent the next couple of days driving! We headed north to Fairbanks which we found to be a large sprawling town where we spent a couple of hours checking out the Riverboat Discovery, the Oil Pipeline viewing on the Steese Highway, the view of the Denali range from the University of Alaska viewing lot near the museum and then stopping off for a quick tour of Pioneer Park.

Riverboat Discovery, Fairbanks
Riverboat Discovery, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Viewpoint, Steese Highway Fairbanks
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline viewpoint and information board on the Steese Highway, Fairbanks.
Pioneer Park, Fairbanks, Alaska
Pioneer Park, Fairbanks, Alaska.

We then headed south on the Alaska Highway through the North Pole. A strange looking place with Christmas decorations and candy cane street lights!

Alaska Highway from Fairbanks

Alaska Highway

North Pole near Fairbanks
North Pole near Fairbanks.

Then it was onto Delta Junction, Tok and over the border into Canada and the Yukon. We watched trumpeter swans on a lake shortly after crossing the border, then headed onto Beaver Creek and free Wi-Fi at the very friendly tourist information centre! We then carried on, on the only road, to Pickhandle Lake where we watched a family of Golden Eagles……

Yukon, Canada

Driving to Haines Junction, Canada

Driving to Haines Junction, Canada

Pickhandle Lake, Yukon, Canada
Pickhandle Lake, Yukon, Canada

Golden Eagle, Pickhandle Lake, Yukon

Golden Eagle, Pickhandle Lake, Yukon

After a short drive down the road we watched a moose……..

Driving to Haines Junction, Canada

Driving to Haines Junction, Canada

Moose, Alaska

Destruction Bay, Yukon, Canada
Destruction Bay, Yukon, Canada.

Then, we headed to the very sunny village of Haines Junction!

Near Haines Junction, Canada

Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada

Next we headed south to Haines and on the Alaska State Ferry to Skagway…