Review: Camperstop Europe 2018 Motorhome Stopover Guide

Camperstop Europe 2018

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We’ve been reviewing Camperstop Europe guides since 2013, and once again our letterbox was pushed to the limits when the latest Camperstop Europe 2018 (12th edition) squeezed through earlier this month.

It’s no surprise that this year’s full colour guide has once again expanded. At 752 pages it’s a beast of a book in which you can now discover 10,500 camperstops in 27 countries with 7,751 listed with colour pictures – that’s nearly 75% of the camperstops!

All 10,500 (849 more than in 2017!) camperstops are checked annually and fit into one of twelve categories:

  • Motorhome Park
  • Official motorhome stopover
  • Overnight parking tolerated
  • Overnight stay in harbour/marina
  • Overnight stay in farm/vineyard
  • Overnight stay at restaurant
  • Overnight stay at spa
  • Overnight stay at zoo/museum/amusement park
  • Overnight stay at company/enterprise
  • Overnight stay outside the campsite
  • Campsite
  • Car park

The guide covers Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia and Slovakia – is there anywhere else you’d like to see included?!

How do I use the guide?

The best thing about the Camperstop guides is how simple they are to use – and this hasn’t changed. The guide is once again split into two sections – maps and camperstop details.

In the map section, each map is clearly marked with all the camperstop locations for that region. Below each map is the index, so you simply look up the page for that stopover location.

In the camperstop listing section of the guide, each page contains details of each of the camperstops, including:

  • Camperstop name, address & GPS coordinates
  • Type of camperstop
  • Number of pitches
  • Prices, if applicable
  • Surface
  • Distance to town/beach/supermarket etc
  • Description of the site facilities such as electricty, waste facilities, fresh water, Wi-fi etc

The Camperstop-App & Sat Nav Data Sets

The publisher of this guide, Facile Media, also offer a free app which allows you access all of the information in Camperstop Europe 2018, free of charge. You do have to be online to access the camperstops, so a mobile signal and data allowance are required.

If you want to access the camperstop stopovers offline then you will need the Camperstop-Pro app. This currently costs €5.49/year and allows you to download the Campserstop maps, offers weather forecasting and the option to turn adverts on or off.

The Camperstop app  and the Camperstop-Pro app are available for iOS and Android – for more information see here.

As in previous years, it’s also possible to purchase sat nav data sets to use with the guide. These can be downloaded for most of the major sat nav brands such as TomTom, Garmin & CoPilot. See for details.

Where can I buy it?

If you’re looking for one mammoth motorhome guide to help you plan or travel around Europe in your motorhome, then Camperstop Europe 2018 certainly fits the bill. You’ll be able to route plan to find legal, affordable, safe and enjoyable motorhome stopovers all over Europe. Don’t you just want to get on the road?!

Camperstop Europe 2018 is available on Amazon (Amazon⇒)  and (20% off at the time of writing)

In the UK, Camperstop Europe 2018 is also available from Waterstones, Stanfords, Blackwell’s, Vicarious Books and Foyles Books.

Book details:

Title: Camperstop Europe 2018
Publisher: Facile Media
ISBN: 978-90-76080-54-3
Price: £25.99