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Is This the Campervan of the Future (Or is it here already)?

This is the Verdier Westfalia Solar Power – VW-style van conversion whose manufacturers claim it is the shape of things to come:

Verdier Westfalia Solar Power Campervan

It’s certainly a modern, strking vehicle with definite sex appeal but great practicality too.

Solar panels, a popup roof that sleeps two, a kitchen area that can be accessed from the outside, a retractable awning… the list goes on.

The only slight reservation I have is in the level of hype surrounding it. Most of these features are already available as production and/or aftermarket options on mainstream van conversions and motorhomes.

Leaving aside the pleasing aesthetics – its looks certainly beat most mainstream conversions – what are we left with?

The specifications published on Verdier’s website include:

  • Hybrid vehicle engine – new, but not specific to the campervan and coming soon to vans everywhere
  • 40W/12V solar panel – pretty unremarkable already. Why such low power?
  • Hydraulic suspension – unusual on a small van, but does it really serve any useful purpose?
  • Built-in satellite navigation – hardly groundbreaking. Already available as an option on almost all new vans
  • Cooker & sink – sounds familiar…
  • ‘Rock and roll’ bed to sleep two with a further double in the poptop – VW and other small van conversions have used this configuration for at least 40 years…

The Verdier Westfalia won the Special Prize from the Jury at the Caravaning Design Award 2006/2007 Innovation for New Mobility at the 2006 Caravan Salon Dusseldorf in Germany.

While an attractive, modern and fairly eco-friendly design – I like the wooden panelling – I can’t help wondering if the judges were blinded by style over innovation.

What do you think?

Here’s a few more pictures to whet your appetite. For the full lowdown, visit Vernier’s website at www.vernier.ca:

Verdier Westfalia Solar Power Campervan

Verdier Solar Power interior staircase for roof bed access

Verdier campervan main double bed

3 thoughts on “Is This the Campervan of the Future (Or is it here already)?

  • Laura W-A

    Oh… I am in love. I sent off for info. It’s totally and completely impractical for me, since I’m looking for an eco-friendly van I can full-time in, but OH is it gorgeous… The passenger seat that turns into a ladder?? Too cool. 🙂

    The music on the website is insidious, though. I closed the browser window and it’s still playing!

  • Giovanni

    finaly somebody decided to produce a beautiful car. did you ever see the T4 and T5 volkswagen ugly iron box? but they will produce it?

  • Shirl M

    My Dream camper. Ok it has been slated as low powered etc. But I saw a video in 2005 and was hooked. If I ever ever won any money I would buy it.

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