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Will Airglide paint protection help keep your motorhome clean?

Airglide Ultimate Shield box pic
The Airglide Ultimate Shield single car kit should be enough for most motorhomes and costs £54.

Disclosure: I received free review sample of Airglide’s Ultimate Shield car pack and interior pack for this review.

Keeping your motorhome clean when in storage or on the road isn’t always easy. Our vehicles aren’t as easy or quick to clean as a car.

If you’re frustrated by the difficulty of  getting your ‘van clean and keeping it looking good, without too much effort, then you might be interested in paint protection.

I was recently given the chance to try out Airglide’s Ultimate paint protection system. This product has its origins in the aviation industry, where it’s used to help reduce the buildup of dirt and ice and reduce both cleaning time and aerodynamic drag.

No one is suggesting that this will cut your motorhome’s fuel consumption, but as I found when testing it our on my car, it does seem to provide a smooth, sealed surface that beads water superbly and dries well, with less effort than a normal polish.

Airglide after wash pic
I’ve treated the left-hand side of the bonnet with Airglide, but not the right side. Note how the water is drying differently after washing.

Applying Airglide isn’t much different to a standard car polish. The advantage is that Airglide can be used on most of the surfaces you’ll find on a motorhome — metal, painted surfaces, glass, perspex, chrome, plastic and alloy wheels. One treatment should last up to two years, according to the firm.

If you’d like to know more and see some other pictures, then I’ve written a more detailed review on my motoring website, or visit the Airglide website.

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