Book review: Go Dutch with this road trip guide

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I must start this review with a confession. When it comes to motorhoming, I’ve always viewed the Netherlands as a country through which to drive as quickly as possible, en route to somewhere more interesting.

I suspect I’m not alone in this view, but I’m here to tell you that we’re all wrong.

If Vicarious Books’ latest Road Trip Europe guide, Go Dutch, is anything to go on, I’m long overdue a driving tour of our close neighbour across the North Sea.

If you’re not familiar with this newish series of Vicarious guides, its aim is to take the mystery out of planning an overseas motorhome tour.

The Go Dutch guide is built around a suggested tour route of the Netherlands.

Included in the guide are details of recommended attractions, overnight motorhome stops, and route details with timings. There are plenty of pictures, and the whole thing is very easy to use.

Although you obviously wouldn’t want to try to follow this route without a proper map or a sat nav, you probably could manage (at a push) by using the maps included the book. One thing that’s particularly useful is that more detailed town maps are included for each of the major destinations.

One last attraction is that while the Go Dutch route is a self-contained circular tour, it has also been designed to dovetail neatly into the longer route featured in The Great War and More. This is another guide in the Road Trip Europe series, and covers parts of France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. As its name suggests, the focus is on historical sights relating to World War 1. The two together would make an excellent, longer tour. (You can read my review of The Great War and More here.)

My verdict? Go Dutch does exactly what it says on the cover. Reading this 56-page guide makes me want to plan a week or two’s holiday in the Netherlands. At £9.99, Go Dutch is an ideal stocking filler! Gouda, jenever and pickled herrings, anyone?

Book information

Title: Go Dutch
Publisher: Vicarious Books
RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-910664-07-0

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