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Porsche + VW: The Ultimate Van Conversion?

VW vans and minibuses have always been one of the most popular base vehicles for campervan conversions – offering great styling and car-like practicality.

The only problem is that they have always been a bit on the slow side… especially the older (pre T4) models. However, there may be a solution out there – at least for a lucky few.

Back in the 1980s, Porsche needed a support vehicle for their barn-storming Group B 959 Paris-Dakar Rally racer. The VW Transporter of the time had all the space and practicality necessary – but had no chance of keeping up!

Porsche decided that it could shoehorn its legendary 3.2 litre, flat-six boxer engine into a VW engine bay to provide the ultimate rally support vehicle – and did just that. The resulting vehicle was named the B32 and a total of eleven are thought to have been made.

You can see more details on Autoblog here or you can buy your own Porsche B32 here.

That’s right – there is currently a B32 for sale in Switzerland for the bargain price of CHF 105,000 (about £52,000 or $103,000USD).

The B32s come complete with Porsche wheels, upgraded suspension and 230hp from the air-cooled flat six – which was taken straight from the then air-cooled 911 Carrera.

I’m just off to sell my house…

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  • Does somebody has photo’s of the support vehicle in the Dakar?

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