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Have You Considered A Tent For Your Hired Motorhome?

Although many panel van conversion and smaller motorhomes will sleep 4 people, actually doing so can become quite a cosy arrangement! It’s a catch-22 situation; when you are parked up, you want your motorhome to be as big as possible – but when you’re driving, you want it to be as small as possible.

One solution to this dilemma can be to take a small tent – sometimes referred to as a’pup tent’. Very often, campsites will allow you to pitch a small tent near to your motorhome for no extra cost.

The benefits of this are several:

  • Children (and their parents) can enjoy a bit more privacy and space at night
  • When going out in your motorhome for the day, the tent marks your pitch as taken
  • You can store folding tables, chairs, etc in the tent, rather than packing them up between uses
  • You can use the tent as a washroom (useful for small campervans without bathrooms)
  • You can use the tent as a store room or as guest accomodation

For all of these reasons, taking a tent along with your motorhome is an increasingly popular choice. If you’re thinking about hiring a motorhome but are anxious about its size, deciding to put your children (or wash facilities) in a tent could be the ideal solution.

It allows you to rent a small motorhome, enjoy stress-free driving and still have enough space when camped up – the best of all worlds!