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Car-To-Camper Specialist SwissRoomBox Adds New Models

RoomBox easyTech with optional roof tent
RoomBox easyTech with optional roof tent

Back in 2010, I reported on the SwissRoomBox removable kit, which allows you to turn your car into a fully-fledged camper in just a few minutes.

Fast-forward two years and SwissRoomBox is still going strong and is now offering a wider range of products that should suit most cars and requirements.

New RoomBox easyTech

The new RoomBox easyTech is a smaller, cheaper and more flexible kit than the original swissRoomBox.

This new model enables you to turn your car into a camping-car in less than 5 minutes without tools or modification of the vehicle while keeping the concept of being able to cook, eat, shower and sleep on board during your journeys and on the way.

The big change in the RoomBox easyTech is a new system that allows you to adjust the height and length of the bed, allowing it to fit as well in small cars as it does in larger cars.

RoomBox easyTech bed mode

The RoomBox easyTech starts at 3,300CHF+VAT (£1 is roughly 1.50CHF) for the basic model without extras (such as stoves, pans and water containers — as you may already own these). A huge range of options can be specified, including electric power, a hot shower, a stove, 25 litre fresh and waste water containers and much more.

RoomBox easyTech bathroom with privacy tent
RoomBox easyTech bathroom with optional privacy tent

There’s also now a van option that provides a larger kit designed to fit inside most medium-sized vans — the website shows it inside a Vauxhall Vivaro/Renault Trafic by way of example.

Prices rise rapidly if you specify any of the optional extra kits — adding a cooker module costs around 900CHF, for example. The other main disadvantage is that everything (except sleeping) has to be done outside, meaning that privacy and comfort could be questionable — there are many places where using an outdoor shower simply isn’t appropriate, even if you have a privacy awning.

Despite this, it all looks beautifully well-made and cleverly designed, and does seem surprisingly usable.

swissRoomBox is now aiming to create a European dealer network, so you may start seeing it an UK motorhome and camping shows in the not too distant future.

Here are some more pictures:

RoomBox easyTech in kitchen mode
The RoomBox easyTech in kitchen mode
Dinner time at the RoomBox easyTech
Finally, it must be dinner time! The RoomBox easyTech can provide a surprisingly large table.

For more information and purchase details, visit www.swissroombox.com.

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  • Fantastic invention! But it’s too expensive!

  • John Winlow

    Did you find anything similar but cheaper for sale in the UK? It’s a great idea but I’m not surprised it went out of business. Over engineered, too complex.

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