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The World’s Fastest Motorhome Is German (Again!)

The fastest motorhome in the world -- Goldschmitt Mercedes Viano Westfalia
The fastest motorhome in the world -- Goldschmitt's Mercedes Viano Westfalia (image courtesy of Goldschmitt)

German suspension specialist Goldschmitt has set a new world speed record for a motorhome of 222km/h (138mph).

Two years after Goldschmitt’s  Hymer Car motorhome set a world speed record of 207km/h, the company has set a new record of 222km/h, using a Mercedes Viano Westfalia conversion.

Goldschmitt was at pains to emphasise that the interior of the motorhome had been left completely standard. No modifications had been made to save weight the ‘van’s pop-up roof was also left in place. The only changes to the Viano were ‘an optimization to the engine and chassis’.

The record-breaking motorhome will be on display on Goldschmitt’s stand at the 2012 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, which runs from 25 August to 2 September 2012.

On the autobahn…

You can see the record-breaking Viano in action in this video — the first part on the test track is a bit tedious, but the second part is filmed as the team tests out the Viano on the A81 autobahn and is well worth watching. The Germans love their unrestricted autobahns and they do provide a driving experience that’s like nothing else (when they aren’t snarled up with traffic…):