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Azalai Overland Vehicle – Land Rover Motorhome Conversion

Azalai Overland Motorhome
A Land Rover-based Azalai motorhome conversion.

I recently came across a new motorhome conversion I’ve not seen before, the Azalai.

It’s basically a motorhome conversion added to the back of a Land Rover pick up (either a 110 or 130 wheelbase model). So far, it sounds like a standard demountable setup, but it’s not – it’s basically a Land Rover motorhome conversion.

The reason for this is that the Azalai is a permanent conversion that is grafted to the base vehicle. This leaves you with a proper motorhome that can be taxed and insured as a motorhome – and doesn’t need chains and bolts to connect the accommodation to the base vehicle. Azalai also say that at 600kg their conversion is lighter than most demountables. This certainly seems to be true – the lightest Tischer demountable model weighs 800kg, for example.

The Azalai is based on a one-piece, moulded, insulated body that should be lightweight and strong. It fits inside a shipping container and has a large popup roof, but retains enough headroom to be usable with the roof down – handy in poor weather or when you want to be more discreet.

The conversion itself is pretty standard and contains exactly what you’d expect – toilet, shower, underfloor tanks, twin burner gas hob and 50-litre compressor fridge. There are of course a huge range of options available, including heater, solar panel and base vehicle upgrades for more serious off-road use.

Although I haven’t seen an Azalai in the flesh or read any long-term reviews, it seems an attractive idea – far more so than a demountable for long-term use.

For more information, visit the Azalai website: www.azalai.ch

2 thoughts on “Azalai Overland Vehicle – Land Rover Motorhome Conversion

  • Joop Bormans

    The Azalai in the picture actually is ours. We love our great motorhome. Fits us all (2 adults and 3 kids) like a glove. What a great car. The design is so well thought out and hasn’t change until recently.
    Joop Bormans

    • Hi Joop,

      Thanks for letting us know. I’m very envious! It looks like a terrific conversion.



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