Buying Your First Motorhome? This New Guide May Help

MMM Buying Your First MotorhomeBuying your first motorhome can involve a bewilderingly wide range of choices and spending a scary amount of money.

Motorhomes aren’t cheap – even old ones – with positively geriatric models starting at around £5,000 and most new models costing at least £30,000. For most motorhome owners, it is the second-most expensive purchase they will ever make.

To help first-time buyers negotiate the hurdles of buying their first motorhome, Motorhome magazine MMM (Motorhome & Motorcaravan Monthly) has published a new guide, Buying Your First Motorhome.

It is aimed at helping first-time buyers to find the right motorhome for their requirements, first time. To that end, it covers a wide range of topics in a step-by-step format, aimed at helping you identify the right type of layout, base vehicle, size, age and dealer – as well as providing an explanation of finance options.

Given that typical British motorhome buyers will spend between £30,000 and £50,000 on a motorhome, spending £4.99 on this guide could be money well spent for motorhomers who are inexperienced or unsure of what the market is currently offering.

The guide also includes a current model guide listing over 900 models, together with a directory of 174 UK motorhome dealers. Insurance and breakdown cover are also covered, as are driving licence requirments for motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes.

Buying Your First Motorhome is available for £4.99 in WH Smith or for £3.49 to subscribers of MMM, Which Motorhome, Caravan and Which Caravan magazines. A digital version is also available from

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2 thoughts on “Buying Your First Motorhome? This New Guide May Help

  • Im travelling for 3 months around UK & ireland, then Europe. I want a small van, with a bed & place to cook. Is it worth converting a black taxi cab into a mini mobile home? I need electrics for a fridge & to charge electrics. Who can i contact to buy & install a leisure battery & fridge?

    • Hi Jane,

      Black cabs are not that big but for a single person, it could work, and they are fairly robust and simple to repair. I’m not sure where you are in the UK, but companies such as O’Leary Motorhomes (near Beverley), Rainbow Conversions (Wisbech Cambs) would be able to help, as would any decent auto-electrician.

      Hope this is some help – good luck if you go ahead and send us a picture!

      Regards, Roland

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