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Levelling Blocks – Will You Need Them?

One of the perennial problems with siting motorhomes on campsites and when wild camping is trying to get the vehicle level when it’s parked. What looks like flat ground often turns out not to be when you actually park on top of it.

The most common and popular solution to this problem is to use levelling wedges – or levellers.

These are a pair of large plastic wedges (usually yellow, for some reason) that you drive either the front or the rear wheels of your motorhome or campervan onto to lift it up. Careful use of one or both levellers will help flatted out slight slopes or small dips, but don’t expect miracles on really uneven ground.

It’s worth noting too that positioning your ‘van on the levellers can require a little care and clutch control, too – they aren’t that big and you need to stop at exactly the right position on the wedges.

You can see a selection of levelling blocks and wedges by clicking here