Book Review: Classic Dormobile Camper Vans, by Martin Watts

Classic Dormobile Camper Vans by Martin Watt

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For me, the name Dormobile conjures up two things: Generic images of 1960s camper vans and an image of the Land Rover Dormobile conversion.

What this highlights (apart from my ignorance) is that Dormobile’s success was so great that it became a generic name for camper vans – even though the only genuine Dormobiles were those from Martin Walter’s Dormobile factory. Martin Watts is an expert on classic British motorhomes and Classic Dormobile Camper Vans is an astonishing reference resource for anyone interested in Dormobile camper vans.

Its 128 pages are sandwiched between hardback covers and contain 317 colour and black and white photos, plus a massive amount of detail on all the main Dormobile models and base vehicles. The level of detail and the number of authentic pictures used are all the more impressive considering the age of some of the models being covered and the fact that most of the Dormobile company’s records have been lost over the years.

Note: The original Dormobile company closed down in 1994 but was purchased in 1997 and subsequently resurrected into a parts supply business for original Dormobiles. It is also possible to buy a complete, new Land Rover Dormobile conversion for current model Land Rover Defenders, should you wish. Visit the Dormobile website for more information and price lists.

Classic Dormobile Camper Vans reveals just how successful and innovative Martin Walter’s Dormobile designs of the 50s, 60s and 70s were – most of the layouts remain in use in today’s panel van conversions with very little change, although the popularity of roof beds seems to have diminished – strange, considering that many smaller vans only get used from spring to autumn.

Classic Dormobile Camper Vans must surely be the definitive guide to the work of the Dormobile company – recommended.

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ISBN: 978-1847970831
Published: April 2009
Publisher: The Crowood Press
Pages: 128
Binding: Hardback
Size: 296×210 mm
Inside: 317 colour and black & white photographs
RRP: £19.95

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