Unusual Motorhomes

Unusual Motorhomes: The Heku Carcamp

It’s been a while since I have seen anything remotely qualifying as an unusual motorhome, but while on holiday in Norway recently (click here for trip diary), I did.

Heku Carcamp motorhome and Vauxhall Astra unit

This vehicle is exactly what it looks like – a motorhome body hooked on to the back of an old Vauxhall Astra. The motorhome in question is a Heku Carcamp. Heku is a German company that makes trailers and motorhomes, including the Carcamp, this rather innovative alternative to both a caravan and a motorhome.

It seems to have all the facilities of a small-medium sized motorhome – including a luton bed over the car and bathroom, kitchen and dining facilities in the rear. It’s an interesting idea, enabling you to enjoy a combination of the benefits of a caravan and a motorhome, whilst only needing to own and operate one vehicle.

The Carcamp model has been updated substantially since this one was built and is still in production. A new one costs around €22,500 and you will need a more recent Vauxhall Astra to couple it too – the most powerful diesel model is recommended.

You can see lots of pictures and full details here, on Heku’s website (English translation provided).