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Product Reviews: Spautopia SP Wonderspray & PureX LSP

Disclosure: I received a free sample from Spautopia for this review. I did not receive any payment and was not required to write a positive review.

I recently received two products to review from a new name (to me) in vehicle care products. Spautopia is the retail arm of Safe Products Ltd., which imports, makes and sells a wide range of cleaning and protective products for the automotive and marine industries.

The two products I received were SP Wonderspray, a general purpose cleaner, and PureX LSP, an exterior spray polish suitable for use on all exterior surfaces. Both of these are definitely relevant to the motorhome market, so I gave them a trial on my motorhome.

SP Wonderspray (£5.05 / 500ml – buy from

Spautopia SP WondersprayWith a name like this, SP Wonderspray had a lot to do to live up to its billing as a “high performance, multi-purpose cleaner” that can be used on almost any of the surfaces found in motorhomes, interior or exterior.

SP Wonderspray is apparently used in the aviation industry and approved by the Ministry of Defence, RAF, USAF, British Airways, Boeing, Rolls Royce and several more. So what does it do?

It is a spray-on cleaner that can be used to remove dirt, grease, oily marks and scuffs from almost any surface – paintwork, plastics, upholstery, leather, chrome, glass and most other surfaces.

I tried it on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces and found that it worked well, generally:

Motorhome Interior:

  • I wiped it over some faux-suede upholstery to remove scuff marks;
  • I used it to dust and clean the dashboard;
  • I used it to clean the heavy duty rubber floor in the cab of the van – although this is nearly ten years old, it still came up nicely.

Motorhome Exterior:

  • I cleaned around the underside edge of the bonnet and the metal surrounds of the engine bay. These areas tend to have oily/greasy marks, dirt and insect residue on them, all of which came off easily with a few squirts of Wonderspray;
  • I cleaned the outside of the motorhome windows;
  • I cleaned some oily spots from the paintwork at the rear of the van, I think these may have come from the exhaust originally. These took a bit of ‘spot rubbing’ but did come off using just the SP Wonderspray and a cloth.

SP Wonderspray is surprisingly effective and very versatile. Unlike many products, it can be used for almost anything vehicle-related, making it an ideal general purpose cleaner to take on long motorhome trips, when washing the motorhome is out of the question but you do want to occasionally remove insect residue, clean windows and mirrors and so on.

It is biodegradeable, water-based and non-caustic and in use seems very mild – it has no colour or odour. Yet despite this, it can remove oily marks and dried on insects and it can be used on your upholstery (with a clean cloth!). I have no idea what’s in it, but I did like using it and will continue to do so.

Update: We’ve just been away for a month in the motorhome and during that time I used SP Wonderspray for cleaning the dashboard, the inside and outside of the windows, removing insect residue from the bonnet and headlights and cleaning marks off the upholstery (again!). It worked well at all of them and helped remove tar specks, greasy marks and other dirt from the paintwork when we got home. All from one bottle!

PureX LSP (£11.50 / 500ml – buy from

Spautopia PureX LSPBack when I got my first car, polishing a vehicle meant getting a bottle of Turtle Wax or a tub of paste polish and applying it thoroughly to each panel, taking care to avoid both glass and plastic (never completely successfully). You would then let it dry to a haze before buffing it to a shine. I admit that this method works well and provides a deep shine and protective coating for the paintwork, but it is a bit of a hassle. I tend to make the effort once or twice a year, but that’s it.

However, there is another way, as a certain high street bank likes to boast. Spautopia’s PureX LSP (Liquid Spray Polish) is a good example of this. It does not contain wax or silicone and can be used on all exterior vehicle surfaces to provide a gloss finish on shiny surfaces and an original matt finish on matt surfaces, such as unpainted plastic.

PureX LSP comes in a spray bottle and to use it you follow the usual procedure for this type of product:

  1. Spray on;
  2. Wipe off;
  3. Allow it to dry for a moment then buff to a shine with a clean, dry cloth.

I polished the whole of my campervan with PureX LSP and was very pleased with the results. The paintwork gained a deep, glossy shine, windows (both glass and plastic) also shone, and the bumpers and mirror casings looked perfectly respectable after a coat of PureX LSP, although this product does not restore their colour like a plastic restorer will do.

After I had finished, it started to rain (of course…) but the water beaded off the paintwork and windows nicely and there were no watermarks when it dried.

Final Thoughts

I had not come across either of these products before but was impressed by both. They are easy to use, effective and reasonably priced and I’d recommend them.