Journeys by Motorhome

Visiting Bruges By Motorhome

We recently took a trip over to Bruges for the weekend on P&O’s Hull-Zeebrugge ferry. Zeebrugge is only about half an hour from central Bruges so it is possible to have a worthwhile day in Bruges even if you don’t choose to spend a night there.

Bruges is more motorhome-friendly than you might expect. The city has both day motorhome parking and overnight motorhome parking facilities within a few minutes walk of the city centre. It is fairly costly, but the location is superb and when you are parking in a modern, dedicated facility in the centre of a city, you have to expect to pay (in my opinion):

  • Location: By the new coach station – click here for a map
  • Facilities: Black water, grey water, fresh water & electric hookup. All pitches level hardstanding.
  • Fees (Feb 2011): Oct-March – €15 per 24hrs / April-Sept – €22.50 per 24hrs / unknown hourly rate for daytime parking
  • Directions: If approaching from the south, come up on the N50 and then turn left onto the R30. Drive across the river and the parking area is immediately on your left. If approaching from the north, find the R30 (ring road) and make your way south, it is fairly easy to find.
Motorhome Parking Bruges Bargeweg
Bruges motorhome parking - just off 'Bargeweg'

Attractions In Bruges

Bruges is a pictureseque and well-preserved place. Walking around it, you do tend to get the impression that the tourist trade is a major part of the city’s economy, but it is attractive nevertheless. The main attractions seem to fall into three categories:

  • Architecture
  • Chocolate
  • Beer (and perhaps food)

Here are few examples:

Monastery in Bruges
We walked through the grounds of this monastery (?) on the way into Bruges centre from the parking area

Historic building in BrugesAnother historic building in Bruges

River boat trip in Bruges
If walking isn't your thing, you can opt for a boat tour of Bruges...
Segway Tour - Bruges
...or even a guided Segway tour of the city!
Chocolate shop in Bruges
There are more chocolate shops than you can shake a stick at
Windmill in Bruges
Just outside the centre of Bruges, there are four well-preserved windmills to admire
Tower in market square, Bruges
Finally, this tower in the market square costs €8 to ascend, but in the courtyard behind it are excellent public toilets that only cost €0.30 to use!