DIY motorhome conversions

Video: DIY Motorhome Conversion In 2 Minutes

In 2008, my wife and I converted a Ford Transit van to a small motorhome/campervan conversion, with onboard fresh and waste water, electricity, stove, toilet and double bed/sofa – plus plenty of storage. Since then, we’ve spent about 16 weeks away in the van, travelling for up to 4 weeks at a time.

The whole conversion is documented here, but to provide a quick and fun introduction, I’ve now produced a video photo diary of the whole conversion, starting with the van as I bought it and ending with the finished result.

In less than 2 minutes, you can see all the stages of the conversion in progress, from start to finish. Of course, it took a bit longer than that in reality but this video should give you a good idea of the process we went through in converting the van:

If you would like more detail about each stage of the conversion (plus my thoughts on it now we’ve used it for 2 years), then click here for my DIY Motorhome Conversion guide.