Book Review: Motorhomes – The Complete Guide

Motorhomes A Complete Guide, by David and Fiona Batten-Hill

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The world of motorhomes can be confusing and a little overwhelming for newcomers. There is a lot to learn and buying the wrong motorhome can be an expensive mistake, given how much they cost.

As a result, there are a number of books on the market that aim to explain everything a newcomer will need to know about motorhomes, before, during and after purchasing one. Motorhomes – The Complete Guide, is one such book.

Written by David and Fiona Batten-Hill, who are established motorhome travellers and journalists, Motorhomes is an attractively-presented book that’s the same size and thickness as a hardback novel. It’s been designed to be readable rather than a manual and the huge amount of content is logically ordered, gradually increasing in detail and complexity as the book progresses. This book is well illustrated with photos of a range of motorhome, interiors and parts – although the bulk of the book is text. Other books might be better if you prefer a more pictorial format.

Topics covered start with an explanation of the different types of motorhome and the vehicles they are based on and progress through discussions of motorhome systems and accessory technologies to conclude with an account of arranging a motorhome trip to France. Motorhome driving advice is also included – useful for those who have only driven a car before.

Motorhomes is clearly aimed at newcomers to the world of motorhoming and would make a good first purchase for anyone who is considering buying a motorhome or has just bought one and would like to learn more about campsites, European motorhome facilities and motorhome technology. It is also probably the most elegantly-presented motorhome book I’ve come across.

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