Book Review: VW Camper Inspriational Interiors, by David Eccles

VW Camper Inspriational Interiors, by David Eccles

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VW Camper Inspriational Interiors is a book documenting VW owners’ passion for making something unique and special out of their VW buses and vans. Written by VW camper expert David Eccles, it contains over 200 glossy pages and 400 colour photographs of custom and bespoke VW interiors.

The majority of the vans featured in the book are older models (pre-1990) and the conversions range from the sublime to the slightly eccentric. Not everyone wants a camper – some VW bus owners want a chilling lounge on wheels and there are a fair selection of such designs sprinkled through this book, some of them finished to an incredibly high (and expensive) standard.

For me, however, some of the best designs are those that take an original camper conversion and update and improve on it. I particularly like the 1967 Devon Torvette Spaceway on p.108 and the 1987 Caravelle on p.160, both of which look both gorgeous and very usable for trips away.

Also interesting and practical from a DIY conversion point of view is the 1999 T4 SWB conversion featured on p.196. This is built around a lengthways sofa, rather than a traditional rock and roll bed. There is a good amount of storage and this layout could be adapted to even better effect in a high roof van, where the roof space could be used for extra storage and/or another double bed.

Each camper featured in this book is covered over four pages, giving you an idea of the level of illustration and detail that’s provided. It is another fantastic book for browsing or for use as a reference/inspriational guide for your own designs – recommended.

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