Book Review: Haynes Motorcaravanning Handbook

Haynes Motorcaravanning Handbook by John Wickersham

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Having recently reviewed the Haynes books The Motorcaravan Manual and Build Your Own Motorcaravan, I was interested to see that Haynes publishes another motorhome-related title, Motorcaravanning Handbook, also written by John Wickersham, the author of the other two titles.

I was curious to see how this book differs from The Motorcaravan Manual and Haynes was kind enough to send me a copy to review.

The first noticeable difference is that Motorcaravanning Handbook abandons the usual large, hardback format used by Haynes and opts for a much more glovebox and door pocket-friendly 22cmx13cm paperback format. This is in keeping with the purpose of the book – it is much more of a straightforward user handbook than the more technical Manual.

What’s In Motorcaravanning Handbook?

Motorcaravanning Handbook covers pretty much everything you will need to know to own and use a motorhome successfully. It provides an overview of how motorhomes are constructed and how these vehicles’ water, electrical and gas systems work. Fridges, heaters, toilets and other practical aspects of living in a motorhome are explained, and winter laying-up procedure is described in detail – very useful.

The Handbook also includes useful and often-ignored information about UK speed limits for motorhomes and introduces procedures and facilities at campsites. Finally, base vehicle and habitation maintenance requirements are explained, although the emphasis is on using professionals for these jobs – this is not a DIY guide.

The Handbook is very well illustrated with detailed photographs of everything that is discussed. It is written in the same clear, straightforward yet expert style that author John Wickersham uses in his other books and is easy to follow. All the information is accurate and well-presented and the Handbook is ideal for new or inexperienced motorhomers who would like to understand how to choose and operate a motorhome.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy the Motorcaravanning Handbook or The Motorcaravan Manual? If you are relatively new to motorhoming, I would encourage you to buy one or the other of these excellent books, but not both.

The Manual is more detailed and technical, and contains illustrated guides to some common repair and maintenance jobs – DIY enthusiasts should buy The Motorcaravan Manual.

If you plan to leave repairs and maintenance to the professionals but would like a comprehensive, easy-to-understand handbook to help you choose and operate a motorhome, then Motorcaravanning Handbook is the ideal choice.

Buy Motorcaravanning Handbook direct from Haynes or on Amazon (Amazon⇒)

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