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Clothing Review: North Face Women’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket

North Face Women's Resolve Waterproof jacketDisclosure: The item featured in this review is owned and was paid for by my wife. We have no relationship with North Face. Links marked with (eBay⇒) or (Amazon⇒) are affiliate links. This means I get paid a small commission if you buy something after clicking on the links. This money helps to pay for the running of the website.

Continuing on the recent theme of outdoor wear that can be used in several different ways, this review takes a look at the North Face Women’s Resolve waterproof jacket.

The Resolve is a waist-length, breathable, waterproof and lightweight jacket. It has a nylon ripstop outer layer that should withstand scuffs well, sealed seams to prevent water ingress and uses North Face’s Hyvent technology to provide breathable, waterproof performance.

We purchased it to use as a lightweight outer layer for summer wear and a top layer with a thick fleece underneath for use in colder weather. The Resolve does have internal zips that can be used to zip in a suitable North Face fleece, if you have one.

My wife has worn hers extensively since she bought it and is very pleased with it. North Face has a good reputation as a quality brand, and so far, this jacket has lived up to our expectations of it:

  • It comes in a range of attractive colours
  • It is a proper women’s fit – it goes in at the waist slightly
  • It is roomy inside without being too baggy – there is plenty of room to wear a thick fleece underneath, but it can be worn without, too
  • North Face logo on jacketExternal zipped pockets are very useful
  • It is very lightweight
  • The hood looks good and fits well – it can be tightened to give a good snug fit around the head and neck, keeping out wind and rain
  • The elasticated cuffs are good and keep draughts out
  • Waterproof performance is excellent, windproof performance is reasonably good
  • The brushed collar lining feels nice against your face
  • Rolls up very small

Overall it’s a great package that is worth considering if you are looking for a new waterproof. The Resolve is also available in an insulated version, if you would like some built-in warmth.

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