Book Review: Reisemobil Bordatlas (German Stellplatz guide)

Reisemobil International Bordatlas 2009

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I’ve written before about the various motorhome stopover guides that are available for France, Spain, Portugal and other European countries.

One country I have not covered, however, is Germany, which has a huge network of Stellplatz (the German equivalent of French Aires de Camping Cars)

We spent three weeks touring around Germany in the autumn of 2009 and stayed exclusively on stellplatz – every single night. As in other countries, stellplatz vary from a designated section of a car park with no facilities to scenic, dedicated sites that are close to being campsites in terms of the facilities they provide. Some are free, some are not. They tend to be quite well signposted, although this is not always the case.

The definitive guide to stellplatz is the Reisemobil International Bordatlas. This large book is published yearly and contains full details of all the stellplatz in Germany. It also comes with a companion volume that provides similar information for a dozen or so other European countries – albeit not so comprehensive. Our 2009 edition contained details of 4,500 stellplatze, the vast majority of which are in Germany.

Stellplatz listing in Reisemobil Bordatlas 2009The Bordatlas is in German and you will have to learn a few words of German in order to follow the site descriptions and the navigational directions (unless you are using the GPS coordinates and a sat nav). However, the most important part – the guide to the facilities available at each site – uses symbols with a multi-lingual key that includes English translations.

The book also contains a number of maps showing the locations of the stellplatz relative to major roads. These aren’t a substitute for proper maps but are very useful for route planning.

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Final Thoughts

Once you become familiar with the layout of the Bordatlas and learn the few words of German necessary to understand each listing, it is very useful and is a comprehensive guide to motorhome stopover locations in Germany – highly recommended.

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